Open Wheel Rental Sessions


You already know how to make pottery and use a wheel? You can rent our turntables in our wonderful ceramics studio in Furi, for some DIY-DO IT YOURSELF time!


Available in 2-hour sessions: regular price per session 65CHF. Includes 5kg of clay, plus use of tools and materials. 

Available for people who have wheel-throwing skills and can use the wheel completely independently. There is no staff supervision or instruction - you only hire the time on the wheel. Each two-hour session includes using up to 5kg of stoneware clay, using tools, bisque firing viable pieces, up to 1 hour and 45 minutes on the wheel and 15 minutes of active clean-up. We will fire your viable pieces in about 3-10 days. You can come back within 30 days to glaze your piece(s) so we can do the final glaze firing and have them ready for collection in 2 weeks later.

Additional cost: If you want more than the 5kg of clay, each additional kilogram costs 5CHF. If you come a second time within the following 30 days to glaze your pieces yourself, you will be painted at our regular rate of 10CHF per hour. If you wish to leave the glazing to our ceramist, an additional charge of 5CHF per piece will apply.

If you are unable to collect the ceramics in person and we send them by post with the additional insurance "FRAGILE", you will be charged shipping costs of 15CHF-30CH. This depends on the weight of the pieces created. Whether shipping is possible depends on the nature of the ceramics. In addition, Zermatt Ceramics accepts no liability for any delivery of damaged goods due to postal transport, despite additional "FRAGILE" insurance.


This course is normally offered from Monday to Friday. Weekend sessions are also available on request. Please do not hesitate to contact our ceramist directly at keramik@zermattkollektiv.ch or on 079 952 48 58 with any questions or to make a booking.

We look forward to your questions and a creative time together in our beautiful studio in Furi.